Hello 2010

I have been absent for an inexcusable amount of time. And yes, I’ve actually had people ask me where I’ve been. Here. I’ve been here. It’s just that I’ve been working. Working, working. Working so, that I blinked and the holidays came and went.

This morning a friend asked, “working where?” Ok, so it’s not a paying job (how long can I get away with saying that?!), but it’s honest effort.

Since unemployment came my way last year I have been thinking: what now? And though late (by standards of true planners), I decided on graduate school…for my MFA in Creative Writing. The idea had been tucked away somewhere in the back of my mind for some time and at the end of every conversation with my mother over the past nine months, it was: “So have you thought more about school?”

“Yes, yes mom,” I would reply. “I want to go. I just have to start researching it.”

Well, as I’ve said before, mothers know best. I should have started researching months before I finally did. So since then, it has been non-stop preparing. Studying for the GRE, meeting with a tutor, taking the GRE (yuck!), writing and re-writing submissions, statements of purpose, personal statements (the same? Not the same!…?), my ‘autobiography’, my resume, literary essays…and so on and so forth. I have realized that if you decide to do this, you really have to want it. And I do. Out of the eight schools to which I am applying (the more the better as some take only six to eight students per genre per year) I have four applications finished…and four to go.

I am busy yes, but well aware that this is in fact a shiny new decade, hopefully with many good things to come. My fingers are crossed for graduate school. For now, I will shoot– for one, as I have so many years in the past– to be on time….with my applications. I hope to get the rest of them out early actually. And when those are complete, I will be a better blogger. And finish my book, and lose ten pounds and read more, and continue training for the marathon and keep up with the news better and…


3 thoughts on “Hello 2010

  1. ThatGirl39 says:

    Hey Welcome Back! glad to hear you’ve been busy… especially in the field of writing… always concentrate on what you do best I say! Good for you and Im sure that this decade will be an exciting one. Wishing you loads of luck with our applications and blog when you can… it’s always good to catch up! xxTG39

  2. Jodi says:

    Yeah it was quite sad my blog roll thing saying it had been 3 months since you posted. School, and a marathon! You will become such the literary snob (ha ha). What 10 pounds!? Runners do have the best bodies though. Good luck I look forward to hearing where you end up. My big goal for the spring is making it down to Key West with 2 two year olds for Sam T’s wedding….Did you know my Dad passed away right before Thanksgiving?

    take care love J

    • Miss Andrea says:

      jodi hi!
      thanks for writing… and caring so much about my blogging!!
      i hope the new year is getting off to a good start. though i am sorry about your dad… yes, i did hear that through the grapevine and had sent you an email… i guess it never reached you… the 11west email… is that current?

      anyway, Key West sounds great. I will have to take a look at your blog and see how these little ones are growing. 2 years already?! wow! time flies!

      xo. andrea

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