Beautiful Day

Every year as this date approaches, I’m always a little torn as to how I’m supposed to be feeling. Time is indeed a healer, and for that I am grateful. I don’t cry as much these days. But I don’t think about that morning as much either or of all the people who were lost. For that I’m sad.

Today, was especially strange as it was a Saturday, and instead of being up early, getting ready for work watching the memorial on television as I have done for years, I was in bed waking up slowly, thinking of all the things I had planned for my afternoon. Out my windows I could see the sun shining and the sky the same late summer blue as I remember from that morning nine years ago. I wasn’t in the city, but in Brooklyn, in my new neighborhood, at the park, at the market, amongst all the new faces, breathing in the fresh air. Today I did not feel grief. Today, I felt the spirit and beauty that make New York the greatest city on earth.

We must continue. But we will never forget.


One thought on “Beautiful Day

  1. Kate says:

    What a beautifully written tribute to NYC:-) Was thinking about you yesterday.

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