For The Love Of Winter

Mondays are not really my thing. The Monday after a week’s vacation, definitely not. The Monday back to work post New Years even worse. It was unfortunate but true, that at the start of this week, our first week of 20-11 I went into Monday thinking: “What now?”

The parties are over, the Christmas decorations are packed away, and its no longer acceptable to be munching on holiday gift basket goodies for breakfast–the toffee bark, the candied cherries, the chocolate covered macadamia nuts. The only Christmas trees still in sight are those tossed on their sides waiting to be collected with the trash; gone are the stands that line the sidewalks, filling the winter air with thick aromas of pine.

Gone is Christmas candy;

Gone are the dive bars decked out in lights;

Gone too the store windows festooned with winter scenes.

And instead of that pre-Christmas spirit that swirls in the air in December while we excitedly search for perfect gifts, we’re all just heading to work again.  Life is back to normal. And it won’t be another 300-something days until we will see the twinkle lights or hear The Salvation Army’s jingle jingle.

So what do we do til then? Well, yes, there are warmer days and sundresses, watermelons, beach weekends and sidewalk margaritas to look forward to…come May!

In the meantime, there is still ice skating in the park, hot cocoas and snowstorms.

There’s winter hair (yay!) and winter skin (seriously…I love it!), ski trips (if I ever get around to planning one), New Years resolutions and of course there is time. Time to unwind, time to get things done, time to wait for what’s to surprise us next.

I guess I can deal with that.

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One thought on “For The Love Of Winter

  1. Jodi says:

    I always find it such a let down after XMAS.laughed Yesterday I passed a college student party house the one where they sit in the lawn friday nights with a sign that says “You honk we drink, you park we party”. Anyway it was quite comical to see that they had a christmas tree with empty natural light cans stuck on every frond for decoration sitting waiting for the trash pickup. How creative is that??!

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