My initial reaction upon waking this morning to find that the clocks had jumped forward an hour was somewhere between frustration and dismay. Every minute of a weekend is precious to me, so having sixty less to work with is throws me off a bit. But instead of dwelling on this, which I knew I couldn’t change, I got started on my day right away. I fixed myself a morning snack and a pot of coffee, took a seat at my desk—still in pj’s yes—and began checking this off my to-do list. As dreary as it may sound, I didn’t even draw the shades to let light in… because sunlight would have lured my outside and I had work to do.

At four o’clock my alarm sounded. That was the signal that it was time to get up and go out. I noticed the beautiful day, the stillness in the air, the cool but not too cold temperature, and yes the sun. Something felt different. I just couldn’t pinpoint it. And then around five I looked up to see the early evening moon in the soft blue sky and noticed it still seemed so bright. And then I remembered the clocks. Daylight savings is here and Spring is soon to follow! I can feel it coming and I am looking forward—to cherry blossoms, rooftop parties and dinner out of doors…to sidewalk margaritas, runs along the river and best, to the long days.


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