Best of the Week…

Again, it’s weeks since I’ve posted.

It’s writer’s block.

I know, I know, I’ve used this excuse before. But it really is a thing. I have a list at home of all my blog ideas and it’s plenty long. It’s that I just haven’t been feeling motivated to form any of those early thoughts into anything compelling, or even mildly entertaining. So I’m going to go with simple and leave it at that.

This is a list of the best/most inspiring/most entertaining things that I saw or heard last week.

1. These great words… on the garage door of a storefront on 14th Street. Written for whom? I don’t know. Perhaps for anyone passing by who needs them. I like the reminder.

Just one of the reasons I love New York.

2. These beautiful boots on the feet of a man across from me on the train, in these (hopefully) last days of chilly weather.

Another reason why I love New York—ah, the fashion!

3. This gorgeous springtime sight I caught while out getting lunch on Friday. Yes, I knew my nose felt a little itchy. Blossoms have arrived!

4.   And again against the black night’s sky.

5.  And lastly, this great conversation I had on the phone with the Crate & Barrel rep the other day, solidifying the details of my sofa delivery this weekend.

Me: “So I spoke with someone the other day and wanted to be sure everything was ok. The sofa needs to come through the window and the last rep I talked to said she had to run it by her supervisor.”

Rep: “Ah. I see. Mind if I put you on hold?”

Me: “That’s fine.”

(I twiddle my thumbs for two minutes while she investigates.)

Rep: “Ok. It looks like we’re all set for delivery on Saturday. You just need to be sure to sign the release for any damages.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Rep: “Well in case anything gets damaged while they’re moving it in through the window.”

Me:” Uh huh. Well, I would hope they will take care to try and not damage anything…”

Rep: “Well sure. But just in case.”

Meanwhile I’m thinking, could this woman be any more nonchalant?

Me: “Ok. Fine. So then this means that they are ok with moving it in through the window?”

Rep: “It looks like it. You might have to wait and see.”

Wait and see?

Me: “And if they decide they can’t do it once they get there?”

Rep: “Well then maybe you have someone help you move it in. Your boyfriend or something.”

Me: [Pause] Then silently, “Uh yeah, maybe that would work if I had a boyfriend.”

Silence ensues.

Rep: “Uh.. Oh. I’m—sorry. I just…”

Me: an awkward laugh…

Rep: “Uh. I’m sorry. I apologize for assuming…”

Me: “Yeah…[long pause] No problem.”


One thought on “Best of the Week…

  1. Kate says:

    You ARE creative and I loved this post:-) Where, though, are the pics of the new couch? Hmmmm?

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