My wish list of things I’ll never have. That’s where I left off last time. In the weeks since, I painted a wall in my new apartment. Just one wall, but really, it’s enough. The color is called Wild Pink. It rocks my world. I actually had an epiphany while standing on the ladder rolling the paint onto the plain white wall that my place came with—a way out of a writing rut I’ve been in. I was inspired I suppose. Inspired by this minor change of scenery. Inspired, thanks to thirty-dollar can of paint.

A few weeks ago I came across a website called “An Afternoon With…” about people and their spaces. Of course they are not just any people. They’re a carefully selected group of artists and creatives, so most of them live in really awesome places. Or they live in places that were once nothing special that they have turned into awesome places. A scroll through the photographs is a feast for the eyes…and for the imagination. “Ah!” I think, as I drool. “I want to live like you.”

Yes, as I said in my last post, I would love to one day have a home with luxury plumbing fixtures and a piece of Bauhaus furniture from an auction catalog. For now, I’ll settle for things that fit within my means and I will make my home awesome. And instead of seeing this as a daunting task that I cannot conquer, I will remember that yes, I can do this! Of course I can! I went to school for this! I know what I like and I have good sense about how to put all of it together! And, I live in New York City—where one man’s trash is another man’s treasure—literally. One of my favorite things is a cubby shelf I found on the sidewalk in Soho a decade ago—a secondhand piece from a school or a studio or something, with graffiti and carvings on it. I’ve since acquired some nicer things, but this guy still holds a place in my heart…it is now home to my shoe collection and residing in my entry/mudroom.

So, as I approach the six-month mark I will make a new list. Not of the things I want but cannot realistically attain, but of the things that I have or can find or make, that will brighten my world—the 550 square foot apartment I call home. Not a mansion. No guest bedroom, no reclaimed wood plank floors or marble clad bathroom, but certainly one happy little dwelling place.

Photos to come….


One thought on “…Inspired

  1. Kate says:

    You big tease!!! Where are the pics!???

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