Football Fan? Um, No.

Do I really care? No. I don’t. Did I even know who was playing until the day before? No. To be honest, football is not really my thing. As hard as I’ve tried in the past to grasp it, I don’t know the game. I just don’t. Sure…if I met the man of my dreams and football was his lifeblood, I’d say ‘yes babe, teach me the game and I will be your faithful cheering wingwoman’. I would host the party, wear the jersey and chant the chant. (ok maybe that’s a little extreme…) Anyway, until that day comes, sure, I’ll go to my friend’s Super Bowl party, but whatever the outcome, it really doesn’t matter to me.

Superbowl XLVI: New York Giants v New England Patriots. I’m in New York at a New York party, makes sense to think we’re rooting for New York, right? Well, here there are just as many New Englanders in the mix. Actually my friends who threw the party are Patriots fans. So I go in thinking what’s the dif? I don’t care so much about the Giants, I’ll go for the Pats.

Game starts, I’ve got a good seat, eyes on the big screen tv…and I’m lost. There’s a kick and some scrambling and then a pass and then– oh, who am I kidding? Really it’s all kind of a blur. But then again, Super Bowl for me is not really about the game. It’s the commercials, the tight bodies in those tight uniforms, the stretching, the sweating, the tackles, the dances, the half time show this year with Madge and her sidekicks Nicki and MIA and Cee Lo. Best was when the guy standing next to me said, “I’m just waiting for the muppets to come out”.  It’s about the pizza and wings and the bucket of beer, the commentary by the Patriots fans next to me about how even if they liked the Giants, Eli Manning would make it hard to. I don’t really understand why, but yes it made me chuckle.

So yeah, I have no real idea of what is going on, but by the end can feel the intensity of the situation, the score uncomfortably close, the clock winding down and everyone on their feet and anxious rather than kicked-backed and cozy on the sofa. Will it make any difference to me who wins the title? No, but in the end I remember, I have no real ties to New England save for a handful of Boston memories. So Giants it is. And Giants it was. And when my friends had their heads low and looked at me in disappointment I kinda just smiled and said, yeah well… I’m a New Yorker so…

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