Post Valentine’s Day Thoughts

Hurray. I made it through another Valentine’s Day…single…ah-gain.

It wasn’t as if I woke up yesterday convinced I would be serendipitously struck by cupid’s arrow, but after last year, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. It started with me having a summons for jury duty. Yes, jury duty on Valentine’s Day. So then, as luck would have it, I missed my alarm. I got myself out the door as quickly as I could, and in an effort not to be late, I decided to jump in a car rather than hike to the subway. But a minute into the ride I realized I had no cash. So I asked the driver if we could stop at a deli so I could use the ATM. He pulled over, I went in, and when I got back out onto the street,  I found that he had driven off without me. As if that weren’t enough, two hours later (after thankfully being excused from jury duty) I ran into an old crush with a new girl. Awesome.

I do love the holiday. I love the pink and red, the hearts, the cards, the flowers. And I love the idea of love, and all of the ridiculously demonstrative gestures people make in order to show their love for another—the bouquets, the balloons, the chocolates, the pink champagne…but yes, when you’re a lonely heart, sometimes it’s not such a delight.

Thankfully this year I didn’t have jury duty and I did have a date. Ok, so it was really just dinner with a new friend whose long-distance boyfriend and my lack of one left us both free for the evening to catch up over Mexican and margaritas, but hey, I won’t complain. We sat by candlelight and even had a heart-shaped balloon of our own at our table.

I got a good laugh on my commute home overhearing a girl with a cell phone in one hand and a clear shopping bag holding a decorated cupcake in the other say to someone on the other end of the line and seemingly in the doghouse as well say, “If you don’t come back right now, I’m throwing this away and never talking to you again.” Ah love. Inside restaurant windows couples gazed into one another’s eyes while I got a text from a friend saying “Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re feeling loved.” Well, sure, I feel loved getting a Valentine’s card from my parents, and another of some family friends surrounded by their 12 precious grandchildren. Examples of love to inspire me. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what they were thinking

So yes, I was feeling loved…but in that mushy-gushy Valentine’s Day sort of way, not so much. I guess things could be worse. I have my candy hearts to binge on for the next week before my Lenten fast begins. And with hope in my lonely (but loved) heart, I will wait.

Maybe next year.


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