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I’ve been absent for some time I know. A friend asked at dinner a few nights ago, “What happened to your blog? I haven’t seen a post in forever.” He pushed. “Are you done? Finished with it? On to something new?”

I hated hearing that anyone would ever think I just quit.

It’s not possible that I could ever run out of things to talk about and want to write them. It’s more that I sometimes lack the motivation to get my thoughts out and into words. And in time, I begin to doubt whether they are even worthy of being shared.

Thankfully, I always bounce back. The time away—the period of inactivity—can in itself become the motivation. You’re on a break with no plans of getting up and starting again and then one day you wake up and think: It’s been so long. I miss it. I must get back!

And so here I am… with some good things to come, that hopefully you, my dear readers, will find worthy of me sharing.

Hello Again